Luke Carbon Dioxide System

Fire Suppression System


Luke Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is an effective fire suppression agent applicable to a wide range of fire hazards. Since Carbon Dioxide is a gas, it does not leave behind water, foam or dry chemicals that can damage your sensitive property. These clean agent fire suppression systems take advantage of the extremely high density of carbon dioxide to quickly and effectively suppress fires. These systems are completely safe and can be found in today’s industrial plants, commercial facilities and even aboard ships.

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Cylinder Part Number Description Outside Diameter(mm) Height(mm) Weight(KG)
LK 7600067 67 Liters Seamless Cylinder 267 1480 78
LK 7600040 40 Liters Seamless Cylinder 229 1370 52
LK 7600027 27 Liters Seamless Cylinder 229 1070 47
LK 7600015 15 Liters Seamless Cylinder 154 960 13.7
LK 7600007 7.5 Liters Seamless Cylinder 136 650 7.6
LK 7600003 3 Liters Seamless Cylinder 113 385 3.6
Zero Ozone Depletion for maximum environmentalism
Superior design allows for convenient long pipe runs
Constant flow rate reduces hazardous pressure peaks
Globally approved
Requires less floor space
USGBC LEED® Recognized